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As you probably know, organising the Eurogamer Expo is a mammoth task, and getting even one of the main orgaisers of the show to take some time out to answer some questions is an achievement in itself, especialy when the Eurogamer Expo is only 3 weeks away. Luckily we managed to get in touch with Tom Champion, one of the main organisers behind the Eurogamer Expo to answer a few questions on how the Expo has evolved and how its sister game show, Rezzed is growing.


The Eurogamer Expo has been growing year after year. Did you ever think the expo would be this successful?

We always thought that the UK needed a regular gaming event but I’m not sure we ever dreamed that it would grow so quickly. From a few thousand people in 2008 to 70,000 people this year is pretty amazing!

Last years expo let gamers get their hands on the Wii U before release and this years expo sees the PS4 make an appearance. What effect have the next gen consoles had on this years expo?

We’re delighted that attendees will be able to get hands on with PS4 this year. It’s obviously generated lots of excitement among attendees, everyone seems to be looking forward to trying out the new machine. From a production point of view there are a few extra things to consider.
Is there anything else new or unusual featuring at this years expo that fans should look out for?

Yes! We have some new features at this year’s show which I’m very excited about. For the first time we’re going to have a stage (including catwalk!) dedicated to cosplay with daily competitions and talks. We also have an art gallery with some amazing pieces of concept art printed up on large canvases, an area featuring some awesome pinball machines, a board games zone and an Oculus Rift stand.
Are there any particular games you are looking forward to playing at Eurogamer this year?

Of the games we’ve announced so far I would say Battlefield 4 and Dark Souls 2. I’m also really interested in many of the games we have in the Rezzed area; Frozen Endzone, Sir, You Are Being Hunted and Hotline Miami 2 all look brilliant. We have loads of games still to announce, by the way.

As the Expo has been running for several years now, what is your fondest memory of a past expo?

Difficult to say! I really loved the tournament area at last year’s show. There was a great atmosphere and some really exciting matches. I still remember the time we opened the doors at the first Expo I worked on (2009). It was an amazing feeling to see people come through the doors and rush to get on the games.

How much time does it take to organise an expo as big as Eurogamer? Do you have to start organising the next years expo as soon as this years one finishes?

We begin working on the next event as soon as the last one is finished, so it’s pretty much a full year of planning.
With the unfortunate demolition of Earls Court planned in the near future what are you plans for the Expo going forward? (do you plan to still hold the expo in London?

We were sad to hear about the Earls Court demolition plans, it’s been an amazing venue for the Expo for the last four years. Thankfully we have Earls Court booked for 2014 so we’ll be able to give the place a great send off. After 2014, we’ll see!

Rezzed the PC and Indie game show started back in 2012. How did the idea come about to do an expo centered on PC and indie gaming?

PC and indie games have enjoyed a real surge in popularity in recent years. Some of the most interesting games on any platform are being developed by small teams and we wanted to create an event that celebrated that.
Do you see Rezzed getting as big the Eurogamer Expo?

We have big plans for next year’s Rezzed. You may hear more about it at this year’s Expo…

If you had the opportunity to create an expo centered around anything you wanted, what would it be and why?

Whisky! Because I, er, love whisky.

The Eurogamer Expo runs from the 26th until the 29th of September 2013. Tickets have now sold out but you can get more info about the expo at


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  1. HelenBaby says:

    WhiskyGamer Expo! I would certainly attend <3

    Well done on securing an interview with Mr Champion. Eurogamer's my favorite convention, and this interview has been most enlightening (shame Earls Court is being demolished, but pleased this isn't the last year there. Then again I'll follow Eurogamer wherever <3)

    Aside from that really looking forward to this! After playing all the 3DS games we can (plus Bayonetta 2, Oh Em Gee!) my guess is that me and Tareq will spend most of our time in the Rezzed section. From past experience : indie developers are so lovely! That plus short queues…

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