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At this years Eurogamer Expo they showcased the Next Gen Consoles, and one of the games that the Xbox One was showing off was a real blast from the past. Killer Instinct was a game that I loved on the Super Nintendo, as the ability to do one hundred hit combos was something that no other beat em up had done. Since then I haven’t found many games like Killer Instinct that allow you to have huge combos, and so with this revival I was looking forward to seeing if they had kept this unique trait for the next generation.


After a short wait time of an hour, my chance came to get my hands on the game. We fought using arcade sticks with the character roster limited to Saberwulf, Glacius and Thunderhawk. Even with the limited character choice you could tell that they were each completely different from one another, with each fighter having separate styles of fighting. An example of this is that Glacius wasn’t as fast, making it more difficult to string a large combo together with him. Once he did hit however he caused quite a bit of damage. Saberwulf was the opposite as it was pretty easy to string together combos around the 20-30 range but it didn’t cause a lot of damage, while Thunderhawk was in the middle with good combos and a slightly harder hit than Saberwulf. From what I played the game felt every single bit like what I remembered from the SNES game, but with Next Gen touch ups that made it felt like a completely original game.


The touch ups were noticeable throughout the game, with character looking really detailed. This was really noticeable with Glacius, as you could see that there were what looked like gills on him and with the different colour skins it all looked amazing. Then there was the feel of the game. The gameplay was pretty much how I remembered, difficult to pull off a combo above 10 but once you get use to the character you can hit the high 20′s. You preform the combos differently in this updated version, but I feel that this is a good idea as the veterans of the game would have an advantage over the later generation. With the changes made in the way everyone fights and the updated looks overall I’m impressed. I am sure that by the time of the games release they would have added the rest of the roster and fine tuned the fighting mechanics so that it is even easier and more seamless than it already is.


As with all games still being developed the version I played and the one that will be released will be different. This version I played at Eurogamer was really good and was fun to play, plus it was getting easier and easier to fight as time went on so I’m sure that by the time it is released it will be one of the most promising fighting games to come out in 2014.

-Random Man 5000

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