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The Monster Hunter Community (UK) are a group of Monster Hunter enthusiasts who have been meeting fortnightly since early this year. The group was founded by Jake and Mai Mackey and has so far received support and much accolade from major gaming companies Capcom and Nintendo.

When the original organisers can’t find the time to organise something its not a problem ; they are fortunate enough to have a community brimming with competent fans who relish the oppurtunity to occasionally take the reins. One such fan is Angela Aquilina, and it is Angela who organised the meet-up I’ll be talking about here.

Being that this was Angela’s first time organising an event on MHCUK’s behalf she wanted to make sure her choice of venue was perfect. As a result she opted for Meltdown London : the country’s first ever eSports venue, which is situated in North London. Meltdown is reknown for screening the world’s largest eSports tournies from across the world, as well as running their own weekly events focusing on the likes of DOTA 2 and Starcraft 2. Despite the emphasis on eSports Meltdown welcomes gamers of all kinds.


The MHCUK vs Meltdown event began at 5pm on Friday the 20th September. I was there from the beginning. Which wasn’t a problem. Although there weren’t many other Hunters around at that time ; the venue itself has plenty to keep a gamer like me entertained, with Xbox 360s and gaming PCs galore, all available for punters to play with.

Angela covered the tables with snacks (Doritos and Haribo everywhere). Did I mention that the Meltdown guys are fine with people bringing in food from elsewhere? Indeed as the night progressed our group went on to order copious amounts of pizza. And were followed in this endeavour by players there for the Starcraft 2 tournament that was also taking place… The Meltdown guys (who are super friendly by the way) figure that, as they don’t provide food ; its only fair to allow punters to take in food.

In terms of drink prices : at £8 the cocktails might be more geared towards the city boys that (luckily for Meltdown) the PC gaming/eSports scene scene is full of. Us gamers on a more humble budget HOWEVER are also catered for. £3.50 for a pint of lager isn’t half bad for Central London, and I was pleased to see they had taps.


In terms of gaming it seems that much progress was made among the MHCUK group on this night. My 3DSBlessed colleague Cyburn got to HR5, while Monster Hunter Community (UK) regular Laura Slack even reached HR78! Organiser Angela also made inroads in her game, managing to do a solo quest she had been stuck on for a while. So productive evening all round

All in all it was a great evening. Thanks to Angela for being the hostess with the mostess, and to Meltdown London for having us, being cool with us, and proving that their venue is top-notch for gaming groups of all kinds. Keep an eye on 3DSBlessed where an interview I conducted with the owner Duncan Morrison will be published shortly…


Monster Hunter Community (UK)

Meltdown London



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    It sounds like a fun event :D Angela’s always great at managing stuff like that!

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