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A massively overlooked platformer, for kids of all ages, for under seven quid? Surely folks would be talking about such a thing? They should be. Superfrog HD.

The game is cross-buy on PS3 and Vita, the latter of which is where I’ve played the game exclusively [but both systems can share saves between them if needs be]. Moreover, it’s actually been my most played game on Sony’s handheld since I purchased one a few weeks back, beating out many a higher profile title  – including the much vaunted Rayman Legends.


If I’ve picked up the Vita in bed, or perhaps I’m listening to a little radio and crashing on the couch after a day at work that’s mugged me good and proper, Superfrog’s a belting game to just pick up and play. Relaxing, fun, really easy to fall into.

I’m nowhere near the end of the levels available, and oftentimes I’ve found myself ignoring the timer in the top right of the screen and just plain wanting to explore everywhere and collect everything on the level; then cursing that my progress has been lost. Bah. :D Still, I know there’s a balance between run / collect / timer – much like with critical darling Spelunky – but in all honesty I’m in no rush to wring Superfrog dry. Far from it.


As a grown bloke I’m having tons of fun, but there’s a wonderfully accessible and enjoyable game here for little ones as well.

Captivating like a cartoon, the art style is wonderful, with crisp, clean characters and bursting with beautifully vivid hues. Beyond these looks is a compulsive, but not over complicated game, which is a joy to spend time with, and I can only imagine that would magnify further for younger gamers.


For kids with a creative shimmer there’s also a level editor, giving the opportunity to create levels for themselves, their friends and even Mum and Dad to monkey around with. If the game’s being played on PS3 I’d perhaps advise getting an attachment allowing the Playstation 2’s Dual Shock 2 controller to be used – a lighter, more accessible pad to smaller hands.

85 / 100


+ Beautiful looking game.

+ Tons of fun to play.

+ Fabulous for younger gamers

+ Superb price.

+ Lots to discover, and to create.


-  Some of the enemies can be tough to make out at times.

-  It’s not always obvious which baddies can be jumped on and which will hurt.

Slotting nicely into my favourite games of 2013, SuperFrog is definitely one of the biggest surprises. A game I had no expectations of, but have ended up spending a large amount of time with. A game I’ll definitely still be playing beyond this review.


Oh and, for a penny less than six pounds fifty, you’d have to be bonkers not to pick it up. Bonkers. Or hate games. ;)

- CJ

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