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A little while ago Sony unveiled the Vita TV and surprised everyone. A slice of Sony’s latest handheld which hasn’t set the world on fire sales wise, yet has an army of very passionate fans.

I picked one up a few months back and have really enjoyed it. Not just for stuff like Persona 4 – which looks superb – the cross-play stuff I’ve already bought on PS3, but for those beautiful little gems from PS1 which flat out bloody sing on the Vita’s gorgeous screen.

Yet the PSone and Cross play stuff is already available to play on PS3, so it’s just those pesky Vita games that stand alone. A few of those Vita games, including the brilliant Gravity Rush, use the touch pad, and hence I’m curious as to how Sony will tackle that particular elephant. Will those games have a sticker saying ‘not for use on Vita tv’, to be thumbed on by assistants in many a game shop worldwide?

Also, are the folks that get Vita TV necessarily already those who have a Sony console in their living room or bedroom or could these be first time buyers. Would a sub-£100 price point tempt folks to have a Vita TV as their living room outlet, cunningly tucking away the tiny blighter in tv cabinets, its dinky size barely noticeable?

Yet Vita TV has kinda been done before.


My favourite console ever is the Nintendo Gamecube. The look of the thing, the brilliant, brilliant games, that uber comfy gamepad – I’m still smitten with it.  A kooky part of that was the Gameboy player, a groovy little shelf which slotted underneath Ninty’s square of glory and allowed the machine to play Gameboy Advance games.

This opened up a whole new platform to game with, a superb list of titles littered with gems to monkey through on the big telly. Call out quirky little titles like Car Battler Joe, or perhaps Zelda DX if you will, but the biggie was a blighter called Pokemon.

Go out wandering with your Gameboy Advance, then come home, whack the cart into the Gameboy player and tickle all of those cheeky little creatures in your living room as well. A fantastric addition back in the day, but an answer to a problem that’s staring Nintendo in the face in the modern day.


It’s widely reported that the Wii-U’s sales aren’t great at present. Big games media [tm] love to report this over and over, yet are rarely arsed to say why the Wii-U is such a brilliant machine and of how it genuinely does things differently. There’s a blanket approach of ‘ZOMFG, NO GAHMES’, but the machine has tons of games – heck, *I’ve* bought oodles of them, with a number of those glittering pretties spinning like glorious ballerinas in my top games of 2013.

Yet, imagine if Nintendo announced a DS Player for the Wii-U. Just slots in underneath the new oblong much like it snuggled up to the cubulous square. Yet 2013 has been the 3DS’s year, not only the world’s best selling console, but the quality of software is staggering. Once again Pokemon has sold in the squillions, this evening the reviews for Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is scoring 10’s all over the place, with December’s Bravely Default: Flying Fairy shimmering in the distance as once of my most lusted after games.

Ponder upon the sales push the Wii-U would get from being able to play that entire library on the big screen! Nintendo pulled a real doozy by opening up the 3DS audience further with the child-friendly, superbly affordable 2DS, and I can only see a 3DS player for the Wii-U as really completing that circle. Heck, the E-Shop is merging between Wii-U and 3DS, so – do it with the systems themselves.

- CJ

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