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In this weeks episode of the Ready Up podcast our own Chief Editor, Garvaos was invited to talk about all things gaming. So sit back and relax as Tony, Simon and Garv chat about :

  • Massive Snickers
  • Pet Owls and magic zip lines
  • AC4: Black Flag looks beautiful and plays very well but the Shanties are a bitch to catch!
  • Max: Curse of the brotherhood – reviewed by Tony here – tricky enough to be challenging, not too hard to be fun
  • Tony tried not to Starve in “Don’t Starve” but failed when searching for a carrot – I know!
  • “Left Behind” Last of Us DLC – enjoyable even though you think you know the ending?
  • Add Celine Dion and a naked Kate Winslet and EVERY story is a good one (according to Simon at least)

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It was a lot of fun, kinda makes me think we should do a podcast at some point!

- Garv

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Garvaos On January - 17 - 2014

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