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While I was at the previewing of the latest Curve Studios games, I was able to have a look Mousecraft, one of the most interesting games I have seen in a while. Mousecraft is quite a unique one if I must say so and the aim of the game is to get three mice across a stage to a pressure pad with cheese. The only way to do that is to arrange a set of blocks so that the mice can reach the pad.

The games sounds relatively easy as its only moving a few blocks but I can tell you something, this game has quite a few levels that you will fly past with ease, however there will be levels that will annoy and frustrate you. This title has a lot of different touches added into it that you can tell are ideas from classic games. With that being said although it has the elements of other puzzle games it still looks and feels like a unique and interesting title.


What’s the plot I hear you ask? Well after my hands on preview I was a little unsure of the entire plot, but the game is a lot of fun and has simple controls so the player is able to learn the game quickly. With the game becoming even more difficult than expected and with the new kind of blocks being introduced every few levels, it is real easy to find yourself stuck on a level for a while.

There is an addition to the levels that got me intrigued however. You have to collected things through levels to help your completion score. This includes items such as bombs that you can use during the game and blue gems that help boost your score.

I saw that there were 80 levels and was told that there are eight kinds of brick to unlock and use. There are also multiple game play elements including water, acid and robot mice. All these elements make the each of the levels that much harder, which to be honest works well.


From what I played of Mouscraft I found the game was a fun and frustrating at the same time, which in my opinion makes this a very addictive title. With that being said there is a lot to this game that just makes it stand out. Not the fact that this game can be very addictive but also enough madness to make you dream about being one of the mice trying to get the cheese.

­- Random Man 5000

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