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So we have some fantastic news for all you Plusxp fans, we are having a competition again and this time it’s for four lucky people to win a cross-buy download code for the PS3, PS4 and VITA  game Titan Attacks!

Normally we would ask a question and we would pick four winners at random, but since I am running the competition this time around it’s going to be a little different.

Now in light of one of the designers basing the first level of Titan Attacks in Basingstoke, this competition is going to be for you our fans to write in and tell us:

If you were an invading alien force where would you attack first and why?

Now before you go all Independence Day on us we have three ground rules.

  1. No film copies or rip offs, we will know if we see them.
  2. Entries must be no longer that 140 characters, this competition will be going out over twitter as well.
  3. Only one entry per person.

With all that being said please send enter by commenting below or alternatively replying to us on Twitter by Friday the 16th of May 2014  and the top four entries will win. Just a quick note humor or ridiculousness will be most welcome, as remember we will be looking for the most unique entry. Winner will then be announced on Plus XP and Twitter on Monday the 19th of May 2014.

Happy writing and good luck!

­ – Random Man 5000

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