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Short of marrying it, I would do anything for my PS4. It’s like the perfect partner. It gives me so much fun, pleasure (not in that way) and it never asks for anything in return. But if something did happen to me and my PS4, we have a falling out and I leave it; I can go back to my PS3 which I still play a lot thanks to Playstation Plus. Just a side note, I have never engaged in any amorous activity with my hardware…..that probably made things worse.

It’s just an endless cycle of playing games with little care in the world for anything else. Need to do some work? Nope, I think I’ll play games for a few hours. Need to have a shower and go out? Nah, I’ll just stay in and play games instead. It doesn’t matter what task or vital job needs doing, games will prevail in the end. I can vouch for this, I know I’m a very lazy person by nature, but how comforting is the thought of separating yourself from the real world and immersing yourself in a virtual world?

It’s so easy to let days just fly by and you wonder where they go. I once put Skyrim on at 11am one day and turned it off at 2am about 13 hours or so later. Role-playing games have that uncanny effect to consume your life in levelling-up, spells and exploring.

But the type of game you play can be imperative in determining the extent of your addiction. Surprisingly, I would say addiction probably applies to non-hardcore gamers more than it does hardcore gamers. I can just feel your judgement on me right now; it’s cold.


Then again, who’s to say what qualifies as being a hardcore gamer? Is it what you play? Is it how often you play? Is it what you play it on? I have my own reserved views on this but no one can conclusively say what a hardcore gamer is.

But if I say to you: Bejeweled, Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Temple Run, Peggle, Plants vs Zombies; are you now also contemplating the argument? An addiction to you and me could be a couple of playthroughs of The Last of Us and some online games of Battlefield 4. To someone else, it could be hoarding lives to beat those dastardly pieces of Candy. Perhaps it is unleashing a flurry of spectacular combos to set a new high score with some jewels; it’s all relative.

The beauty and confliction of addiction is that it’s whatever you desire, no matter how complex or simplistic. The aforementioned games I listed would NOT qualify as hardcore gaming in my eyes as it’s too easy to sit down and enjoy them without having to do much.

Some of you reading this will have heard of Egoraptor, or Arin as some people know him, and he’s famous for several reasons. He’s a proper gamer that has grown up playing them and knows them well. He became a sensation with his very funny animated videos based on computer games. Seriously…go watch Metal Gear Awesome or any other ones ending in awesome. He has many other videos, one of which compares Castlevania I and Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. During the video, Egoraptor breaks down the difference in quality between the two and how they differ in terms of satisfaction. The quote below is one of my favourites as it adequately sums up the enjoyability for gamers.

Comparing Castlevania II’s gameplay to the first….

“It’s kind of like comparing a snack food to high class dessert, you can just chomp away mindlessly at snacks because that’s how they’re made, they’re addictive by nature. They just make you reach for more, even if you don’t really want more. But a high class dessert takes some slowing down, it demands that you take a moment to really enjoy how complex and satisfying it is. In the end, you’ll always think more highly of the high class dessert because it gave you a feeling of true satisfaction. It’s not designed to go on forever; it was designed to finish off a meal. Maybe it was so good you wanted more, what you had was delicious and you’re glad you had it.”


I won’t finish off the last expletive filled line but you get the point.

Games can be subtle, obvious and play just right; they can be so good that you just want to play all night.

From shooting to exploring, character adoring and production off-shoring; I abhor the flawing of a near tip-top game, how can something so wanted turn out to be so utterly lame?

Who’s to blame? That’s the question you ask me, I’ve seen them all on the PS1 to the Game Boy Advance SP.

But we’ll still play these titles nonetheless, gaming is an addiction which you can’t second-guess, the stress, the fun and unrest, I’d rather achieve 100% completion than do a 500lb bench press.

So we come to the end of this game-inspired rhyme, like Hong Kong law enforcement this rap has been a True Crime, did it waste your time? Ask me if I care, whilst I try to beat Shao Kahn on Max difficulty….do I dare?


Lots of people won’t even consider themselves to be ‘gamers’ because they play mobile games. Newsflash people, mobile games are games too. My preference would inevitably be an intense season of Fifa, tearing it up on the Battlefield or levelling up my crazy-ass fire-wielding mage in the Elder Scrolls universe. The point is, people will get their gaming fix in their own way and it shows the fun games can give.

Whether you play casually or smash your controller to pieces in a fit of pure gamer rage, it’s the same thing. Regardless though, games are dangerous and can eat away at your day…

BUT WHO CARES! I look forward to believing I’m the world’s most dangerous hacker in Aiden Pearce in a couple of weeks. Blissful hibernation awaits!

- Andy

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