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When you think about a video game with Mechs you think about a pilot physically climbing into a massive robot. Once inside the pilot then proceeds to destroy his/her opponent with an array of oversized weapons, and mighty robot power!  Beyond Flesh and Blood takes this idea and improves upon it – sure, you may still pilot a Mech, but you are doing so in deep space out of harms way. This means that you are able to cause massive destruction with no harm coming to your squidgy self.


Put simply the alpha demo that was playable at EGX was a non-stop thrill ride. You were constantly swarmed by wave after wave of ground troops and what I can only describe as a mix between the Flood and a Half-Life headcrab. The main objective was to wipe out the enemy by any means possible, this included vaporizing enemies with a laser, picking up enemy assault rifles and unloading clips into anything that moved, hacking turrets to do you bidding and even picking up enemies in your massive robot hands and physically tearing them apart.


What’s more you have more than one mech at your disposal. In the demo you had the choice of piloting the MK1 – a massive powerhouse of a machine – or the more nimble Proto-Suit, which is a little reminiscent of everyone’s favourite Stark Industries power suit. As you can imagine, each of these Mechs has their advantages and disadvantages, but both of them are deadly when used properly. Take the Proto-Suit for example; great speed and agility but when it comes to dealing melee damage it has nothing on the MK1. In the demo you were able to switch Mechs on the fly to really mix up gameplay – let’s hope this is a permanent feature for the full release of the game.


Another great feature about Beyond Flesh and Blood is its maps. Even though the map I played was your simple arena style affair, it look awesome. From the dilapidated buildings to the robust steel walkways and bridges it’s a great mix of old world and new world coming together. What is also pretty cool is the way you open the map up – as your are battling the hordes you have to activate radar towers to open up the entire map, otherwise you will lose the signal between the pilot and the mech. This is also a clever idea from the developer’s side as this eliminates invisible walls at the end of the map as the signal will drop completely and your Mech is destroyed.


It’s amazing to see so much gameplay from Beyond Flesh and Blood’s alpha. This is definitely an indie game I will be keeping my eyes on. A free demo is available now to download, so don’t just take my word for it. Unleash some mech mayhem!

Download the Demo here!

- Garv


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Garvaos On October - 15 - 2014

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