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At this years EGX there was a huge range of games showcased for every games console, with the expo a great chance to show off the best of the latest releases for the next gen. One of the many games that was being shown off was Evolve, a game that definitely peaked my interest. This game had very little information about it available (not for lack of looking) so when the opportunity to play it came up I jumped at the chance. The queue was huge, and had a minimum wait of two hours when I first tried. On the next day it was the first on my list, and despite running there I still waited almost two hours to play it. The wait however, was far and beyond worth it.


The playable demo was as a five player game, where four are the hunters and the fifth is the monster itself. This was the first time I had heard of this concept within a game like this. The demo I played had two different monsters available and four different troops. The troops were a trapper, medic, support and assault, with each of these skill sets supporting the other in the attempt to kill the monster on the field. The monsters themselves were the Goliath and Kracken.


We were shown a little video explaining the game and then broken into two teams of five. As you can guess, I choose to play as the monster. I was sat away from the rest of the team and chose the Kracken as this was a tactical creature. Now the concept behind this is genius, as the four people have to work as a team to track and find the monster, using each individual units special skills to find and destroy the other player. Meanwhile as the monster all I had to do was kill smaller creatures and eat them, so that at the right point I could evolve to the next stage. The highest evolution level was three, and through this process I would gain what I needed to be able to survive being attacked.

The graphics were just stunning and as the monster once you get a grasp on the controls it was so easy too play as well. Add that with the detailed sound effects and creature noises, to me this game did not really have any faults. With that all being said I must brag that I evolved to the final stage and killed all of the people hunting me, which is only one way of winning.


Evolve is by far one of the most unique concepts I have come across in a long time. With being also told that they will soon have a lot more different troops and monsters available, this game is looking pretty impressive. There is one thing that is bugging me about Evolve and its that this looks like it is a five player only game. Would this mean that you would have to play online and against friends or strangers? I guess that will be answered when the game is released.

-Random Man 5000

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