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Just when you thought Mortal Kombat couldn’t possibly get more violent, Mortal Kombat X takes the franchise to a skull crunching new level with a host of new fatalities and X-Ray moves. For example when executing Cassie Cage’s X-Ray, she proceeds to punch her opponent right in the family jewels so hard that they disappear up the victim’s body, and if that’s not enough she then pulls  out her dual pistols and breaks her opponents skull with a double pistol whip, before ending the move with a point blank gun shot to the face.

It is safe to say that if Nether Realm studios wanted to make this game more violent they would have to install hoses to every house hold console that would dowse the player in blood after they nailed the perfect fatality. Seriously if you thought MK9 was bad, MKX takes it to the next level. Visually the game looks stunning on next gen, the environments look and feel alive and of course with this high level of visuals the fatalities look even more gruesome.


Besides a host of new fatalities that would even make Sweeny Todd’s stomach churn, what else does Mortal Kombat X bring to the ultra violet fighting franchise? The demo we played at EGX gave us the opportunity to get hands on with 4 new characters. The daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage. The half-human, half-insect brawler, D’Vorah. The descendant of the infamous Shao Khan, Kotal Kahn, and the tag team of Ferra & Torr. Each of these characters brings their own fighting styles which feel fresh and revitalises the MK roster.

The demo also gave us the opportunity to fight as Scorpion, Sub Zero, Kano and Raiden. Each character has 3 separate fighting styles to choose from, all of which come with their own special moves. This is a first for the Mortal Kombat series and a welcome addition, as it gives the player more variety when selecting their Kombatant. What we did find strange though was that Raiden didn’t have the option to change his fighting style, but this maybe due to the limits of the demo build we were playing. However, seeing as Raiden is the almighty god of thunder I wouldn’t be surprised if his play styles were limited in the full release.


For our first match I chose newcomer Kotal Khan and Andy selected fan favourite Scorpion.  Kotal’s move set felt like Shao Khan mixed with Kratos, his powerful move combinations making easy work of Scorpion. As a playable character, Kotal Kahn didn’t feel cheap or too overpowered. This came as a nice surprise seeing as he has quite a big connection to Shao Khan who overall seems pretty unbalanced in MK9.

The second fight saw us fighting as D’Vorah and Cassie Cage. You can easily see that D’Vorah is going to be a new favourite,  as she has a unique fighting style  some great special moves. She has pincers the sprout from her back, the ability to control swarms of bugs and she can also fly. This only covers the bare bones of one of her fighting styles and I am looking forward to see what else she has in her arsenal. Cassie Cage on the other hand will be quite familiar to seasoned Mortal Kombat players as she is able to execute some of Sonya’s and Johnny’s signature moves. This was apparent when Andy decided to slaughter me with several gun shots to the face, making the match one all.


The last fight I selected the tag team of Ferra and Torr while Andy chose every Mortal Kombat players favourite Thunder God, Raiden. You may think that two against one is a pretty unfair fight, but not when the midget Ferra, for the most part, is actually used as a weapon by the leviathan Torr, to bludgeon and throw at your opponent. The fighting style of this tag team overall is very slow and powerful with Torr’s signature moves being more grapple based. Unfortunately by the time I got the hang of Ferra and Torr’s move set, Raiden had already fried me to death making Andy the victor.

After our time with Mortal Kombat X, I am walking away confident that this will be a great successor to the massively popular Mortal Kombat 9.

Mortal Kombat X is scheduled for release in the 14th of April 2015 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

- Garv

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