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Kevin Biemers had the fantastic opportunity to experience my first interview with someone of recognition in the video game world, lucky him!

As a member of Italic Pig, he’s seen his long awaited dream to have Schrodinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark become a reality, thanks to Team17.

Team17 are responsible for the worldwide enjoyment of the Worms franchise: holy hand grenades, kamikaze sheep, concrete donkeys; god I do love Worms. They are also publishing Schrodinger’s Cat and rightly so!
It’s a very unique game that definitely takes you back into yesteryear with innovative platforming and a very cool main character.

My apologies for any perceived lack of professionalism or stability in my performance, I was quite nervous!

P.S Play the game too, it is genuinely great.

- Andy

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AndyHighton_YNWA On October - 10 - 2014

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