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When the title of a game intrigues, you simply must investigate. When I was tasked with personally overseeing how this particular game performs; I didn’t ask what it was about, how it played, who made it etc. I simply enquired as to what the title was again due to its very bizarre nature.

I’m well aware of the Schrodinger’s Cat theory which is a good thing; raiders and quarks mean something different to me however (Indiana Jones and Ratchet & Clank). So it was rather necessary to find out what I was playing to go with its awesome name.

For anyone unaware, the Schrodinger’s Cat theory (popularised by American TV show The Big Bang Theory) was a theory, duh, proposed by Erwin Schrodinger, a Nobel-prize winning Austrian physicist.


He proposed, theoretically, placing a cat in a box with a flask of poison and a radioactive source; if radioactivity is detected then the flask would be smashed and as a result, kill the cat. But with the cat sealed in the box, we could determine that the cat be both alive and dead, as we couldn’t know for sure.
Sounds weird, right? Well this theory helped solidify the principality of Quantum Superposition in Quantum Mechanics.

PHEW. Anyway….back to the gaming.

The game is being published by Team17 and has been developed by the weird and wonderful minds of Italic Pig. I’ll level with you straight away, this game is fun. It really tries to re-write the book on classic platforming.

An accident has happened at a Zoo of some sort; causing all malevolent life in that zoo to escape and wreak unspeakable actions upon the world. This is where Schrodinger’s Cat is called in to clean up. The cat itself looks pretty b*tchin to be quite honest. It’s EASILY the kind of character that could become a mascot for a franchise.


The game mechanics are introduced to you gradually in that kind, step-by-step way that developers like to do. You basically have 4 main Quarks (with 2 minor ones) that you use to negotiate the crazy levels you come across. They come in different colours: red ones, green ones, yellow ones and blue ones.

The each have a different ability that you need to utilise and, eventually, master in order to achieve true Schrodinger’s Cat perfection. By picking up quarks, you are granted the ability to combine them and mould them so to speak, in order to get the desired results.

For instance, then yellow quarks are called UP which make you go up by pressing the UP key. If you pick up three of them then you can go up, up, up and away! Down, blue quarks, are more destructive etc. BUT crucially, if you put two ups and a down together then you get a flying missile of mass destruction OH HOLY GLAIVEN BATMAN!


In my time with the game, I got to savour most of the easier abilities and they were most fun to use. The cool animation of the cat flying up towards his destination still amuses me, then again, I just really love the cat I suppose. Regardless, rolling the cat as a big ball through lethal sludge, or smashing your way through walls etc. is just endlessly enjoyable.

I had the slight misfortune of encountering a permanent bug with the game as dialogue box appeared and remained with me like an unwanted mole. Bu, lead director for Italic Pig, Kevin Biemers, had a nice joke about it and said it himself “that’s what this is for!” and laughed it off.

He’s a very pleasant man and don’t forget to check out my interview with that very same handsome man in the link below!

Schrodinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark is a terrific game and needs to be played. This is classic platforming with new-school elements to elevate it to modern status. Team17 should rightly publish this game with a smile as they’ve got a very good game associated with them now.

But if I’m using the cat…..doesn’t that mean he has actually alive then….?

- Andy

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