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Little Big Planet 3: Meet the new guys

Though Little Big Planet has always been known for its customisation, one element of the game has always stayed the same, the iconic Sack boy himself. True, you can change his outfit, colours and expressions, but Sack Boy’s style of gameplay has remained more or less consistent since the games began. This EGX however all was about to change, as we were about to have the opportunity to meet some new additions to the Little Big Planet family named OddSock, Toggle and Swoop.

So lets step back into the Imagisphere and take a look at these new characters:

lbp 3 1


Lets start with OddSock, not just because he was introduced first, but because he is also my favourite. OddSock is a cute little guy with a lolling tongue who runs about all fours, not unlike the puppy your laundry basket always wanted. His excited scampering means that playing as OddSock feels much smoother than the other characters, making his gameplay challenges as much about agility as puzzle solving. Remember those moving platforms from the other LBP games? Well they are about to make a return here. With OddSock’s knack for bounding bounding between levels however, they look set to become a lot less frustrating and a whole lot more fun. OddSock also has the ability to wall run, allowing him to explore perspective and move between different depths within the game world. This allows him to access new areas within levels, and reach items that other characters can’t. Oh and if you take a break from controlling the game for a moment Toggle may start petting him. Total. Cute. overload.

lbp 3 2


This brings us on to Toggle. In keeping with his adorable name, Toggle has the ability to transform between two very different, little and large forms. As his larger, heavier self Toggle is able to use pressure activated switches, move large objects and act as a counterweight to solve puzzles. In contrast his tiny form is much lighter, and able to access much smaller places such as the teeny tunnels within the game world. Toggle’s ability to change his size and weight makes him perfect for the more puzzle based areas of the game. At certain points in the level Toggle was able to use his large form to counterweight an object, before switching forms, removing the extra weight and catapulting himself (and his friends) to new heights. His size switching also comes into play under water, as his larger form sinks, whereas his smaller self is so buoyant that it is able to pop up and out of the water. This gentle giant looks set to become our new best friend when it comes to puzzle solving, and we can now confirm that he looks pretty dashing in a cape and underpants too.

lbp 3 1


As his name suggests Swoop brings one major new element to the game, the power of flight. Swoop allows us to soar to new heights within the game world, accessing difficult to reach switches and scouting ahead for new ways to get through levels. Using his long fuzzy talons Swoop is able to not only grab hold of objects and move them around, but also to lift his new friends and deposit them at will. This ability is particularly useful if you become frustrated with another players inability to grasp the game, and want to give them a not so subtle que to move towards your joint goal. Not that this happened at the expo at all *looks guilty*

lbp 3 3

In true Little Big Planet form all of the new characters are customisable, with new outfits and props available to collect throughout the game world. They also all have adorable expressions, which can be changed to reflect your mood via the D Pad. Fans of the series will also be relieved to see that Sack Boy will be returning to the series, this time boasting the ability to wall climb. He also has some new gadgets to play with, as evidenced by the shiny new hairdryer in his possession during the EGX demo.

Though I initially had reservations about the addition of new characters to such and iconic world, during this demo I found the new characters refreshing, fun and of course adorable. OddSock, Toggle and Swoop added some entertaining variety into the existing gameplay, especially when playing with friends as all four characters together.

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Little Big Planet 3 is due for release on 18th November 2014 on PlayStation 3 and 4.
SCEA, Sumo Digital

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