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titanattacks header3Space Invaders, one of the few games ever created that when you mention its very name a huge amounts of nostalgia builds up for a lot of old school gamers and nerds. It is in essence the very first game that got a generation of children hooked on gaming. So when Puppy Games released Titan Attacks, a more modern take on the classic on the granddaddy of all games,  I jumped at the opportunity to give it a shot.

My first encounter with this game was on the Playstation 4 at an event showcasing the latest games being published by Curve Digital last year, I even had a chance to play it at home on my own console with the full game content available. This time however I have been given a copy of Titan Attacks for the Nintendo 3DS and a chance to see what it is like on a smaller screen.

The story is very simple and keeps with the original Space Invaders concept of aliens attacking Earth and humans defending it with a space ships, simple but effective. However Titan Attacks brings a little twist, as you are not just defending Earth but other planets like the Moon and even Mars. These are locations you unlock later in the game which is a nice touch as earth can look a bit boring after a while.


The graphics for the planets, aliens and even your craft are done in what looks and feels like a classic 8bit style, blocks and spheres to represent the aliens ships and lines for your laser fire. However on closer inspection the graphics are pretty good for what they are trying to achieve, there are a lot of dark colours but the sprites are well designed enough so that they stand out from the shadows.

For what they were looking to do PuppyGames have done a good job on the graphics for Titan Attacks but as the screen is pretty small on my original 3DS it was a little harder to see what is happening without shoving the screen in my face. On a 3DS XL it would be fine but with the original console it is a bit on the small side, other than that the graphics are as good as they need to be.

The background music and sound effects are okay if I am to be blunt, the music repeats depending what planet you are playing on, so each level on that planet has the same background track. This sounds pretty standard but the background music can get quite loud even when the volume is lowered, it can block out the sound effects some times which isn’t great.The sound effects however couldn’t be any better! They add depth to Titan Attacks. They also add good dose of Space Invaders nostalgia to the mix which appealed to me greatly.

Titan Attacks brings some new features to the retro Space Invaders mechanic. The first being that you get money from defeating aliens and completing levels. The money you earn can be spent on upgrading things like your shield, extra bullets and smart bombs. Money can also be used for ship upgrades such as more lasers, gun power upgrades and gun recharge which helps speed up the gap between shots . Each upgrade gets more expensive the higher it goes so learning when to save and when to spend becomes very important.


The second new feature is boss battles, after you have blasted your way through all other ships a mothership drops out of the sky and attacks you. Each mothership will attack you with multiple turrets and bombs so you need to dodge multiple bullets and explosions, when you finally defeat the boss you can move onto the next planet.

The controls are very simple and really easy to master. You use the analogy stick to move and the A button to shoot with the B button used for activating the smart bomb. The game runs smoothly and without any kind of problems with button lag or control issues, with Titan Attacks being such a simplistic game it makes it difficult to come out with any faults in the gameplay. It is fun and frustrating to play at the same time and whenever I completed a level I got a great sense of satisfaction.
+ Fun to play
+ Easy to play
+ Challenging
+ Addictive

- Background music too loud
- Sound effect being mostly drowned out by Background music.

85 / 100

Titan Attacks is a fun and addictive game. With the simple controls and gameplay style it is pretty easy to get into. The only thing that lets this game down is that background music being to loud and sound effects being not loud enough, other than that this is a game I would recommend to play if you want to pass some time with some nostalgia.

-Random Man 5000

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