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 Andy Highton – Staff Writer

Gaming is my unpaid livelihood, always has been and always will. Ever since I had developed the strength to lift that Mega drive control pad I was destined for a life of computer games.  I can spend hours upon hours playing them and in many cases I have (a 12 hour session of Final Fantasy 7 and a 14 hour session of Skyrim should support this). I’ve owned many consoles ranging from the PS1 to PS3, multiple iterations of the Gameboy, a PSP etc.  I’ve played on cartridges, discs, internally stored games and it’s been an immense pleasure to have been doing it all my life.

My favourite games have evolved as I’ve gotten older and wiser, I started out as many children did with the lovable Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon series as their platforming shenanigans hooked me. Over time I’ve learned to appreciate/enjoy most genres of games and I currently am in love with God of War and Metal Gear Solid. But Fallout, Call of Duty, Fifa, Batman, Killzone, Resistance, Resident Evil, Half-Life and so forth….I love too many games! Not forgetting my retro side, I’m looking at you Bubble Bobble, Bust-a-Move 2, Point Blank.

I’m a diverse person as I love, watch and play sport; my music taste can range from pop music all the way to full-on Cannibal Corpse death metal; although I’m a metalhead at heart. I will watch virtually any film, I enjoy many types of TV and most people share at least one interest with me.

Being a staff writer for PlusXP is a significant achievement…actually I’d rather say a significant trophy in my life (fanboyism) and I will hopefully contribute to PlusXP with interesting and informative articles and reviews.

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