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Not yet owning a Wii U console, I was still quite excited to try some of the console’s offerings at this year’s EGX. Nintendo have got a fair few exclusives this generation, from their own core series, to a handful of special exclusivity deals. With the PlayStation and Xbox brands littered across the show floor full of cross-platform titles, the Nintendo section was as busy as ever, with fans eager to get a glimpse of those exclusive goods. Here’s my round-up […]

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Posted by Leon On Nov - 11 - 2013 Add Comments READ FULL POST

At this years Eurogamer Expo they showcased the Next Gen Consoles, and one of the games that the Xbox One was showing off was a real blast from the past. Killer Instinct was a game that I loved on the Super Nintendo, as the ability to do one hundred hit combos was something that no other beat em up had done. Since then I haven’t found many games like Killer Instinct that allow you to have huge combos, and so […]

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Posted by RandomMan5000 On Oct - 23 - 2013 Add Comments READ FULL POST

Warning: While the *major* plot spoiler for Lords of Shadow is pretty hard to avoid, just thought I’d warn you that there will be spoilers for the first game here. You have been warned! Of all the games at Eurogamer Expo this year, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 was the one I was the most excited about. Coming seemingly out of nowhere at the hands of an then-unknown developer (Mercurysteam) the original Lords of Shadow blew me away in terms of sheer […]

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Posted by Leon On Oct - 11 - 2013 Add Comments READ FULL POST

I’m a pretty dedicated fan of the Zelda series, owning the vast majority of the series (I still lack a copy of Spirit Tracks!) but the 3D titles such as Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess are where my heart really lies with the saga. I’ve completed A Link To The Past, The Minish Cap, Four Swords Anniversary and Phantom Hourglass, but it’s more for the lore and history of the series that I tend to delve into them. […]

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Posted by Leon On Oct - 2 - 2013 Add Comments READ FULL POST

Believe it or not there was a platforming game that took the Sega Megadrive by storm before the days of everyone’s favorite high speed blue hedgehog. That game was Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse and I used to spend hours playing the game back in the day. SEGA have now released a HD Remake of the retro classic for PSN, XBLA and PC – so does this HD re-imaging tick all the boxes and give us retro gamers the […]

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Posted by Garvaos On Sep - 18 - 2013 Add Comments READ FULL POST

Since its debut on the PlayStation One Resident Evil has been a pioneer for survival horror games. Now that the Resident Evil franchise is getting more action based, the games original Director Shinji Mikami has decided to create his own new survival horror game, The Evil Within. We got the chance to have a sneak peak at this years Gamescom. You play as Sebastian Castellanos, a police detective who has been rushed to the scene of a mass murder at […]

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Posted by Garvaos On Sep - 11 - 2013 Add Comments READ FULL POST

TitanFall is a brand new FPS game from Respawn Entertainment, a new development company founded by ex Infinity Ward and Call Of Duty developers Jason West and Vince Zampella. TitanFall combines first person shooter game play with the ever so popular war machines known as Mechs. So how does this FPS and Mech combat mix play? We got some hands on time at Gamescom to find out. Titenfall has multiple choices when it comes to player class and Titan class. […]

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Posted by Garvaos On Sep - 2 - 2013 Add Comments READ FULL POST

Since 2004 the Ninja Gaiden games have seen Ryu Hyabusa take on hordes of demons in order to save the world. This year at Gamescom the next game in the Ninja Gaiden franchise was announced, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, which sees players control the part ninja part cyborg Yaiba Kamikaze in his quest to hunt down Ryu Hyabusa and vanquish hordes of zombies in the process. From the Gamescom offering alone it is clear that compared to previous Ninja Gaiden […]

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Posted by Garvaos On Aug - 28 - 2013 Add Comments READ FULL POST

From the makers of Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit comes the latest Cinematic action thriller from Quantic Dream, Beyond: Two Souls. Beyond: Two Souls follows the story of Jodie Holmes, a young woman who possesses supernatural powers due to her psychic link with a mysterious entity called Aiden. Alone and on the the run Jodie and Aiden must use all of their strength and courage to negotiate the dangerous path ahead of them. With an all star cast featuring Ellen Page […]

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Posted by GuitarGirl24 On Aug - 26 - 2013 Add Comments READ FULL POST

There are many game combinations that I personally would like to see. One of them has always been lots of cool guns, combined with killer robots and an RPG element. You can imagine them my surprise when I had the chance to play the beta of Contract Work, which funnily enough has just that. Contract Work is a browser based 3rd person shooter RPG created by Iterative, which was founded by Kee-Won Hong. This is the latest version of a […]

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Posted by RandomMan5000 On Aug - 16 - 2013 Add Comments READ FULL POST