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Contributed by CJ A little history .. A good few years ago the original Etrian Odyssey tore colossal strips of time from my life. Memories long past of pouring beefy stretches of time into 16-bit classic Dungeon Master, transitioning wonderfully from the dinky bedroom portable telly I had as a blighter, through to the even tinier window through which the modern day me gleefully gazed at Atlus’ Nintendo DS classic. The original Etrian Odyssey has you bringing a group of [...]

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The year is 2014, it’s the first proper year for the next-gen consoles and we are going to see games that will defy the laws of what is possible for. Stunning graphics, gripping and immersive gameplay, stories and online play that will keep you entertained for so long with their outstanding qualities……..Rambo: The Video Game doesn’t come close to satisfying any of these criteria. I have seen the first 3 Rambo films and enjoyed them all in one way or [...]

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Posted by AndyHighton_YNWA On May - 13 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST

Contributed By CJ Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Stranger walks into a town. He’s lost his memory. Seriously RPG’s, stop this. Tropes of amnesia, saying hello to people before robbing every bit of cash crammed & stashed away in their sock drawer and kitchen cabinet, being woken up by your father after a crazy dream. Enough of them. Dear Lord, enough. I’ve heard loads about the YS series for years – nearly all of it positive, mind [...]

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I have a bit of a funny relationship with the Strider games – it’s an old series, and hasn’t had a new entry since Strider 2 in 2000.  While I’ve never beaten either of the games, Strider Hiryu has still been a fairly prominent figure in my gaming history – I have a good friend who loves the games, and I’ve seen them both beaten multiple times. And then we have the Marvel vs Capcom series, where Hiryu has been one of my favourite fighters for [...]

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Posted by Leon On Feb - 24 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST

I will never be the same again…. Never has a game made me cower on the spot and not want to move. Never has a game flooded my body with so much fear, anxiety and dread before to the point I start becoming VERY aware of my surroundings. You are literally cast into the darkness of the unknown when you play Outlast. Unbeknownst to him, Miles Upshur is about to uncover the story of a lifetime. He’s an investigative journalist [...]

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Posted by AndyHighton_YNWA On Feb - 19 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST

It has been a long time since there was a new Dragonball z game released. So when I heard about Battle of Z I jumped for joy, I am a huge Dragon Ball fan with an extensive collection of games, DVDs and merchandise. So I know a lot about the Dragon Ball universe. In previous Dragon Ball Z games the layout was simple, each game featured a few different modes which included a vs mode and the games main story [...]

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Posted by RandomMan5000 On Feb - 17 - 2014 1 Comment READ FULL POST

Imagine this scenario: you find yourself inexplicably locked inside an empty school building, along with fourteen strangers. There’s no way to escape, and all of the windows are boarded up. Your captor then announces that you must now live here for the rest of your life… the only way you can be granted permission to leave is if you meet one special condition: Murder one of your fellow prisoners, and don’t get caught doing it. What would you do, if [...]

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Posted by Leon On Feb - 13 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST

The era of the Playstation 4 is here. Big AAA titles are needed to exemplify the PS4’s awesome hardware. But it also needs good support in the form of Playstation Network titles. Housemarque had a crack at this with Super Stardust HD for the PS3, and it worked. Resogun is their step-up to next-generation gaming, and it most certainly works. The game borrows various aspects from its older brother; it focuses on a space ship flying around the screen trying [...]

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Posted by AndyHighton_YNWA On Jan - 15 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST

Contributed by Lisa Contrast is an indie puzzle game created by Compulsion Games that is heavily inspired by film noir and set during the 1920′s. In Contrast you play as silent protagonist, Dawn. Dawn is Didi’s imaginary friend and is there to guide Didi through the challenges she faces with her family and to lead her through the dark world. The character design for Dawn is very impressive and fits the theme of the game very well. Despite playing as [...]

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Posted by Plus XP Contributors On Dec - 9 - 2013 1 Comment READ FULL POST

Contributed by CJ Renya Kagurazaka is a 17 year old without luck, he’s never won a competition,little ever seems to swing wildly in his favour, so he lives a life in the middle,eschewing any chance of the brilliant for a life of predictability, without disappointment. When he gets a lottery ticket, the plan is to give it to his sister, but is bullied by a pretty Miss in a Mall into gambling the ticket. Not only does Renya win, but [...]

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